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Wammie finalist!

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October 2019

9 days. 6 shows. 4 flights.


Take a look into a special performance from Shelby Blondell while on her European tour through the Netherlands and London as an ambassador for Cinnamon International. 

Shelby Blondell Band takes the Iconic BLUES ALLEY stage

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In Life, LIFE HAPPENS. You never know what is going to happen.. whats going to change.. whats going to come your way. But what you can do is live each day to the fullest.

Check out "Last Tonight' by the Shelby Blondell BAND live at Blues Alley 11.27.19

Special thanks to WUSA 9 who spent a very special evening with us! See Less

Shelby Blondell performs for World Cancer Day

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Watch Shelby Blondell perform her song 'Hope Begins Tomorrow' in honor of her mother and others who are currently battling cancer on World Cancer Day.

DMV Soundcheck: Shelby Blondell

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Shelby Blondell performs "Last Tonight" live.


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At first glance, it might seem like Baltimore songwriter/singer Shelby Blondell has it all. The 24-year-old only began writing and performing about 5 years ago, but her fame has skyrocketed—her original songs are a hit on the European charts, and she has opened for everyone from a cappella group Pentatonix to Howie Day to Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter.

But things haven’t always been so easy for Blondell. The artist was born with craniosynostosis, a brain condition that causes high intracranial pressure. (In fact, Baltimore’s own Ben Carson performed her first craniotomy.)


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This rap remix of the "Cups" song from Pitch Perfect is fantastic for a number of reasons:

  1. It's a rap remix of "Cups."

  2. It makes you want to have/go to a house party and take over the music immediately so you can dance and sing to it (as opposed to your shower, where this probably usually takes place).

  3. There are lots of Pitch Perfect jokes thrown in, including shout-outs to Fat Amy and the Treblemakers.

  4. Elizabeth Banks herself shared it, and she totally has time to slot it into Pitch Perfect 2 before it comes out in May.

  5. There cannot be enough versions of Pitch Perfect songs.

Put it on repeat in the background for the rest of the day and hope it makes your agonizing wait for the movie a little less painful.

Linthicum singer releases song inspired from Baltimore riots

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One year after the Baltimore uprisings, a local musician is hoping her song will bring harmony among Americans.


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"We always love to see singer-songwriters in town on tour and we caught up with Shelby Blondell from the US, who will be performing for the first time here in Bangkok on March 25th, to ask her about her music and hear her story."

A three-in-one tool (crab mallet included) won University of Baltimore’s pitch competition

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Shelby Blondell took home the big check to the tune of $2,500 with “The Sheller.” It’s a stainless steel tool that is part-crab mallett, part-knife, part-bottle opener. In other words, it’s made for a Maryland summer day. Blondell created a prototype at the Foundery makerspace in Port Covington.

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